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Vision Boards Work When You Work Them

Vision boards are not only for dreaming but they are action boards for achieving your goals. To make your vision board work you have to actually believe that you will live out or accomplish those experiences. You also need to remove any time constraints and have a plan for each goal you want to achieve.

I want to challenge each and every one of my readers to create a vision board. Your vision deserves a voice. Visions boards work but only when you work them! Let’s Get to Work! Check out this Short Video below on what inspired Reah Idris’ Goal Specific Vision Board for 2014 and Beyond!

Then we are asking you to take the challenge and send us a picture of your Vision Board. You may email it to us at or post on our facebook fan page at The person with the most creative Vision Board will have a chance to win a Passionista Power Membership.


  1. Submitted by Danielle Greene – This Vision Board is separated into 4 sections: Spirituality, Finances, Career/Business and Personal. Great idea Danielle!

    1. Very Good Danielle! Thank you for the submission! Make sure you keep it in a place where you will see it and visit with it! <3

  2. I came across this website and found it to be very interesting. I love what your doing as well as the articles.

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