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How I Got 20/20 Clarity After Completing My Vision Board

As I look back over the year, I must admit it has been one filled with a lot of challenges.  Those challenges definitely have forced me to be more committed to the goals I have set for myself and my family.  All of us have a choice.  When things happen, especially those things we have no control over, we can choose to pray through it or give in to it and just give up.  Because I chose to pray through it an(d survived, I thought I had the process down pat.  Since I choose to pray through everything whether it’s good or bad, I figured I was an expert and knew EXACTLY what I wanted and what I deserved.  I mean, I let go of a ridiculous relationship because “I KNEW WHAT I DESERVED”.

A vision board is used my most people who want to have visual reminders of the goals they have set.  I love them because throughout the year it is a barometer to let you know how well you are doing with your goals.

I was really excited to complete my board for 2014! I was even more excited to share it with all my B.I.O (Beautiful Inside Out) sisters.  As I was reviewing my board to get my talking points prepared for my video, I realized a couple of things which put a knot in my stomach.

I realized I failed to put any photo or encouraging word as it relates to a relationship. I paused for a minute because I really look forward to being in a healthy relationship but my failure to symbolize it in my vision concerned me.  In my heart I really believe I had given up on a relationship and may have even thought I did not deserve one. This is a work in progress….I added the photo of the couple in the lower corner of my board.

I also saw I failed to place a car, house, or money on my vision board.  I did think about putting a Mercedes on the board but I am not really a materialistic person.  It would be nice to have a luxury vehicle but I have cars so it isn’t a necessity.  I believe my financial goal is important but more important, for me, was to understand HOW to manage and diversify my money.  So, you will notice a lot of financial symbols on my vision board.  The last thing I did add is the photo of the house.

Throughout the process of completing my vision board I gained clarity in what I wanted versus what I was displaying/saying I wanted.  I had an AH-HA moment which is going to definitely help me to become greater, do better, and dream bigger.  My vision is 20/20 and focused on a “Stilettos Movement” 2014.

Written by: LaTaye L Davis

The Drill Sergeant of Business


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