Finding the Right Partner

You’re a human being – and that means you need love and companionship. Even if you’re so successful that you literally have unneeded hundred dollar bills falling out of your pockets, if you don’t have a functional relationship, you won’t be happy.

But no one needs to tell you this. Whether you’re in a dysfunctional relationship or whether you badly want to be in relationship, you feel this problem – you feel the absence of a functional, loving relationship…

You’re Completely Alone. And no matter what anyone else tells you, you know you’re not better off for it. You want a loving partner, who not only makes you happy, but improves you…

Yes, a partner who improves you…

  • He/She can point out things about you that you don’t notice. You can do the same for him/her.
  • He/She can soften the impact of huge emotional shocks to your life by being there when you need someone.
  • He/She will love you always, regardless of what you do or say.
  • He/She will make you feel confident, so that you can take on any challenge…
  • And most importantly, she will make you stable. No more hunting around for someone to date casually.
This ebook, Finding the Right Partner, may be the most important book on relationships that you will read all year. After you read this book, you will be able to:
  • Approach the opposite sex with confidence. You absolutely must understand this. If you don’t, you’re never going to end up dating the person you want to be with most – because you’ll probably never approach that person in the first place.
  • Find out what you actually want in relationships. Here’s a hint: everything you think you want is totally wrong. And you’re going to find out why and what you can do about that.
  • Realistically figure out how others view YOU. If you don’t know this, you also won’t know what works when you’re trying to lure in that special someone.
  • Talk to the opposite sex without feeling like a complete fool. Most people have no idea how to do this – and this is exactly why they sit by idly, twiddling their thumbs, when they could be having an interesting, engaging, revealing discussion with the person sitting right next to them.
  • Kill your bad habits. Maybe you’re too possessive. Maybe you have a lot of quirks that plainly turn off any potential date. Maybe you’re terrible with commitment. Whatever the case happens to be, you need to stop doing it. And I’m going to tell you how.
  • Laser target your next partner, rather than playing the lottery. Finding blind dates through friends and picking up random people at a bar really isn’t the best way to find a lifelong partner. Wake up. You need a new plan…
  • Mend psychological problems caused by your last relationship. If your last relationship was less than satisfactory, you’re probably carrying around a whole boatload of luggage with you. The luggage needs to go. Find out how…
  • Break the habits you hate most. Maybe you self-sabotage great relationships. Maybe you don’t know how to give or how to take. Whatever the problem happens to be here, you’re going to extinguish it..

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