About Reah

1) What have you found you are truly Passionate About in your Life, and what changes did you need to make in your life, if any, to pursue those passions?

Answer: I am a passionate person in general, so with that being said I have found it difficult at times to determine what my real Passion is because I go hard in the paint for just about everything and everyone I care about! But to answer your question; People are my passion, Understanding them, Loving and Helping them without Judgment, ulterior motives and without ceasing! The Changes I needed to make in order to pursue this however was minding my own business and understanding in order to be Passionate about other’s well being, goals, life I had to first care about my own! I had to determine what I was deriving from helping everyone with their issues, goals and Passions when my own life was a hotmess.orgcomeedubizandnet! So I finally took the time necessary to look inward, and I found my validation and worth came from how I made others feel, how I looked in their eyes, how they praised me for being so loyal, so ride or die, so ACCESSIBLE. So in order for me to do what I love I had to fall back, I had to take a time out and help myself, because I am very sensitive and intuitive to hurt and pain of others, constantly being accessible for every persons’ whim or issue real or imagined would be my undoing! So I decided to start the season of me realizing I truly had no control over anything and if folks didn’t learn to be self reliant and dig deep enough for their own healing, after my hiatus, they would still be in there Tehehehehehehe! The world would not jump off its axis because Reah’s not available this time! So, in order to pursue my Passion I had to first understand myself, love myself and help myself without judgment, ulterior motives and without ceasing!

2) Did you find your passion was something you were innately excellent at or did you need to become proficient by going to school, enroll in a class, or seek assistance?

Answer: I wanted to be a Psychiatrist and stated that in the 8th grade and my Teacher Mr. Barr told me to forget about it, go be a Psychologist because it was less money and less time in school and the only difference is I couldn’t write prescriptions, so that was a wrap…a raisin in the Sun! So in the traditional sense I have not enrolled in a class, but I have sought assistance to help balance myself in order to help others. I am a firm believer in being a perpetual student and being open by exploring your purpose, so I invest in myself REGULARLY with workshops, healers, meditation, prayer, books, conscious events and so on. I love a great art show, grass root spoken word, good uplifting music; basically all things Passionate, surrounding myself with people and things that feed my soul and continuously confirm my very existence! I am innately a helper; I have been in one supporting role or another all of my life. I have always been a person that others have sought advice from; I think mostly because I have always offered it unsolicited or otherwise HA!

3) What challenges presented themselves once you determined you were going to follow your Passions, what was the strongest emotion you felt about the change (fear, discouraged, overwhelmed, optimistic, confident etc.) How did you handle the adversity and overcome the emotions?

Answer: Comfortability, I was really comfortable in a sense I had a steady check and somewhere to punch a clock! I worked my own business but I was in the wrong business, and I didn’t want to jump out there caution to the wind to end up in a soup kitchen line! The Struggle is real, so I shared my vision with a few people polling what I should do with my life, you know how we do, talk with people who haven’t a clue themselves and will co-sign our crazies. All the while avoiding all the ones that will give you a contrary opinion that will force you to really SEE yourself. I was afraid, afraid to put my Purpose where my Mouth was, because not only does it require courage, it requires sacrifice. But i think a fellow author said it best: “I’d rather be scared and happy than comfortable and miserable. HaaHaaHaa” –DeBora M Ricks

4) How important are the support of your friends and family in the pursuit of walking in your purpose?

Answer: Not nearly as important as I would have once thought, although I have always seemed to be devil may care, that was not me at all on the inside, I wanted to be loved, accepted and thought of as a cup full of awesomeness just like anyone else. But what I have learned through this season of me, if I am not willing to believe these things about myself what others think is a moot point! I love my family and friends and their support is priceless and if they didn’t support me it would be most unfortunate but not a game changer.

5) What is your advice to any fellow Passionista who may just be awakening to her true Passion and Purpose?

Answer: Buy my book! Finally: Getting to Do what the Hell you Want! Seriously, it will be out in the fall! Teheehehee! But since you shouldn’t have to wait until the fall for living a Passionately Delicious Life today I would say invest in yourself! Find a Workshop, Find a Book, Find a Webinar, and Find a Mentor, surround yourself with like minds, with people who are living passionately and are actively seeking their purpose and if that means not spending as much time with those you would normally share your time and space with…so be it, be willing to sacrifice for what you want, what you need, what you deserve! Find YOURSELF your naturally lovable, desirable, sumptuously powerful self by finding out what makes your soul sing, and belt like no one is listening!

6) How long have you been actively pursuing this Passion? What finally prompted you to follow that dream? (ie. Your Business, Writing, Painting, etc.)

Answer: Helping and Healing have always been my business for over 20 years, I have always done so on a volunteer basis with one community organization or another. For this particular piece of my Passion Puzzle, where I have had to step out on faith to pursue full time, this has been a gradual process for about the last 5 years. It all started with me attending a Women’s conference that led me to co-founding an organization called Phoenix Rising Baltimore, a peer group for women who have survived sexual trauma. Phoenix Rising Baltimore and Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation awakened my Passion to Help and Heal in a broader sense a global sense, in a more permanent Lifestyle sense, with first helping and healing myself; and its congruent if you’re smart or lucky and I’m both!

7) What are some of the activities (prayer, meditation, massage) you engage in to find peace and reduce daily stress?

Answer: I Dance, I Dance, I Dance! I commune with the great giver of life, and I dance some more! I meditate, converse, commune with self and the universe, and I dance some more! There is where my healing lies, there is where I find my solace, my passion, my me time! I Dance!

8) Which person famous or non would you like to meet? How would you say this person has influenced your journey?

Answer: I have been blessed to have so many positive influences on my journey it would be impossible to name, but in this particular dispensation of time Dr. Melva Green has greatly influenced me in activating the Power that is me! I don’t have too many persons I’d like to meet as I am more apt to go after what I want and meet the people I desire to meet, wouldn’t say stalker…but er rah!!! But for now, looking at the great strides and changes I have made during this most recent part of my journey, I would have to say the good doctor, although I have already met her at different workshops and events I really would like to work with her in the arts of healing and just soak up all her yummy goodness. Listening to her advice and guidance from the short times I have been able to talk to her and be in her presence have proved to be priceless in my evolution of self love and in love general.

9) What advice would you give your younger self?

Answer: Respect the Process and Keep Living Baby Girl!

10) You are walking confidently in your purpose, do you have any additional goals you are working on? Where can you see yourself in the next 5 year? What legacy do you wish to leave to next generation in your family and community?

Answer: My focus is the publication of my book and the most delicious success of Passionistas.me and Growing Phoenix Rising Baltimore! Growing these Most Sacred of Sisterhoods by helping to provide a platform and environment that is conducive to POWER, PURPOSE and PASSION, knowing it and walking in it! Owning and Operating a Wellness Center is the next piece to my Passion Puzzle, a wellness center that will provide classes on fitness (DIO BABY!), Cooking, Proper Cleaning, Live Foods, Meditation and other tools for Mental Wellness. But ultimately, beyond the “goals” and “working,” simply basking in the awesomeness of my Femininity, I am so into the study of all things Feminine, I would like to just glide and saunter about with love just oozing from my pores and changing all the energy around me to the highest of frequencies! I am coming to understand that it is not only possible, but a manifestation of my femininity in the true sense of the word. Love is everything and I won’t stop proselytizing Love until everyone feels it too, that’s my Legacy!

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