About Jules

1) What have you found you are truly Passionate About in your Life, and what changes did you need to make in your life, if any, to pursue those passions?

Answer: I am truly passionate about helping others find balance while achieving their goals through my God-given talents and skills. I am an Author, Reflexologist, Website Designer and Online Entrepreneur. In high school I realized that I had a passion for computers and after 27 years I continue that same love through website design. When I opened a bookstore in 2006 I discovered I had a love for writing self-help information to help others achieve their goals while learning to balance and take time for themselves. In that same year, I was introduced to Reflexology and found that it not only felt great but that it also gave me a sense of calm and tranquility. As an online business owner, my ultimate passion and goal is to make money on the internet while sleeping.

2) Did you find your passion was something you were innately excellent at or did you need to become proficient by going to school, enroll in a class, or seek assistance?

Answer: Yes, I did attend and graduate the Baltimore School of Reflexology and I have taken small workshops and online classes in early years but for the most part I have self-taught myself the website design skills that I have acquired. Given any computer or web design task and it only takes me a few minutes to teach myself how to navigate and complete that task.

3) What challenges presented themselves once you determined you were going to follow your Passions, what was the strongest emotion you felt about the change (fear, discouraged, overwhelmed, optimistic, confident etc.) How did you handle the adversity and overcome the emotions?

Answer: As far as I can remember, I have never been able to pat myself on the back or even acknowledge myself positively for having these many talents. The people in my life are always telling me how good I am with my hands and how talented I am with the work that I do. At 41 I am just being able to digest those compliments and believe them myself. In short, I have had a hard time truly believing in myself which meant that I have been getting in my own way. I am finally being able to overcome this by speaking positively to myself and taking compliments knowing that they are indeed the truth.

4) How important are the support of your friends and family in the pursuit of walking in your purpose?

Answer: In a sense I have always been a loner. I am not the type of person that cares what others think or need support from anyone. It feels great to know that my friends and family believe in me however, I feel most rewarded being my own biggest fan and cheerleader so that is what I strive to do.

5) What is your advice to any fellow Passionista who may just be awakening to her true Passion and Purpose?

Answer: Stay consistent and be persistent with anything that you are doing. I regret letting go of some of the ventures that I started years ago because I know now if I had been consistent and persistent with them I would have been very successful. So my advice is to stay consistent, become an expert in your craft, design a written plan, and make marketing/advertising #1 on your list above all else when it comes to working your business plan.

6) How long have you been actively pursuing this Passion? What finally prompted you to follow that dream? (ie. Your Business, Writing, Painting, etc.)

Answer: Since I discovered the internet years ago, I have always dreamed of making money online. I have had small successes in doing so but I was never consistent and have been sidetracked along the way with other ventures I thought I wanted to pursue. Nonetheless, I have always been drawn back to making money online whether helping others pursue their goals or selling a product or service that do the same.

7) What are some of the activities (prayer, meditation, massage) you engage in to find peace and reduce daily stress?

Answer: I regularly get massages and reflexology and I try to do atleast 30 minutes of meditation and yoga daily.

8) Which person famous or non would you like to meet? How would you say this person has influenced your journey? I would definitely have to say Bob Marley. Being of Jamaican descent I am always proud to know that there was someone who was so widely accepted, influential in teaching and spreading peace and love to so many different races. I always wish he was still alive today because I think this world would have been a much better place with him.

9) What advice would you give your younger self?

Answer: Try to not take this whole “life” thing so personally You are good enough and can do anything your heart desires. There is no place for misery in your heart and you should always strive to be a positive role model in society. There will be enough pain in your future so embrace love and happiness as it is part of the human experience. Never deny yourself of the simple pleasures in life. Get out and see the world, learn something new every day, and never forget to smell the roses. Start loving yourself now. Unconditionally.

10) You are walking confidently in your purpose, do you have any additional goals you are working on? Where can you see yourself in the next 5 year? What legacy do you wish to leave to next generation in your family and community?

Answer: Additional goals include building www.Passionistas.me along with my wonderful business partner and childhood friend to be the best sisterhood community for advice, resources and information on walking in your purpose. In the next 5 years, I see myself married to the man of my dreams and sitting on a beach with him and computer in lap giving advice on this website to an up and coming Passionista. Legacies left will include the many women who have come across my path teaching the same principles as I taught them to their next generation which is to be consistent, make and pursue your goals, work hard and in the midst of it all, make time for yourself. Having a 25 year old daughter I am always stressing to her how important it is to get out to experience life and see the rest of the world.

How can you be contacted?

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